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Searching for the best gadgets is what I love doing as there is so many interesting little gadgets out there that can really make our work in the kitchen so much easier and not only that but the usage of these different gadgets surprises us as to how easy and time-consuming they are. Take Salads for instance I used to spend so much time preparing a salad for those special guest arriving for Sunday Lunch AND NOW it only takes minutes to prepare a great meal in no time at all.

 Brieftons Quick Push Food Chopper is a must for every Kitchen

Can you imagine the great salads you can knock up with the excellent vegetable chopper.


A vegetable chopper is a handy tool that cuts down your work load with the aid of producing meals in less time with fast efficiency saves time and reduces waste also making cutting and chopping quick conveniently handy and fun.

Vegetable chopper is an ingenious machine and has several purposes making cooking and blending food items so much more accessible. The Vegetable chopper is an ideal gadget for the busy Housewife/cook, If you prefer to enjoy wholesome cooking in less time with specialist reducing and blending then use choppers and make your work extra efficient. Depending on your every daily needs you can pick out this awesome kitchen gadget for a song.

Brieftons Quick Push Food Chopper is the best rated manual vegetable chopper which allows you to slice into unique ways such as; thin, super thin and thick. Vegetable slicer chopper has a comfortable grip manage a finger guard and is convenient to clean. The blades of vegetable chopper and slicer are made of high-quality stainless metal and are very effortless to clean. And comes with 3 Bonus Recipe E books

Vegetable choppers have very common uses, and their requirements are growing with each coming day. Life is getting faster, and people desire to save time as much as they can, and they do now not want to spend too much time in their kitchen. This amazing kitchen device which helps in your kitchen work to a grind, slice and chop your food and vegetables are done.

Download the free recipe booklet here  The+Brieftons+A+to+Z+Guide+Of+Salad+Recipes



Next I would like to introduce you to. this nifty little Gadget

Tenta Kitchen 12 Inch One-Piece 18/8(304)Stainless Steel Multipurpose Gripper Appetizer Vegetable Salad Dessert Barbecue Tongs  

This must be one of the Best gadgets to have in your Kitchen, for using at your dinner table when serving Bread or at the cake table when serving pastries, it can also be used outside whilst having that friendly Barbecue. It `s serrated edge allows the lifting and serving meet easily without the fear of the meat or sausage falling to the ground.

Durable and Quality – This stainless steel kitchen tongs is made of premium food-grade stainless steel – all-in one design from Germany – accurate polishing workmanship – you can keep this tongs for many years to come.



There are those that have purchased gadgets that they say because of them being too large they haven’t used them as much packed them in a back kitchen cupboard and forgotten all about them or they have used them very little but thinking of a gadget i would make sure that when purchasing them that you have the space to store them where they can be easily reached because I have always say that out of sight is out of mind. There is so much joy and fun to attain with the various Kitchen gadgets you could go on and on about the enjoyment and time saving energy you can have out of all the various gadgets on the Market today. some are very reasonably priced and some are more expensive but most of the are worth there weight in gold and i myself can not think of how i managed with out them.


The next Gadget is Awesome

the Best Combo set I have ever had the joy of owning. this 5 in one Magicdo fruit slicer set consists of Pineapple Corer, Watermelon Slicer, Melon Baller/Scoop, Strawberry Huller and Banana Chopper-Kitchen Cutter Gadgets Kit.

The pineapple corer is the best ever not to mention all the other adjoining products listed below to bring your kitchen experiences to hand. Just remembering when the family requested fruit salad as a Sunday after dinner desert would always choose tinned pineapple over fresh because of the preparation issues. It’ was always so difficult to slice the pineapple efficiently, without wasting huge chunks. Coring was such a nightmare too! and even if I have to say so myself

pineapple has never tasted as good with this kitchen gadget.

Watermelon Slicer with comfortable handle that allows you to cut watermelons as well as, cantaloupes, honeydews, etc in a quick and clean way without breaking the juice or any having to wipe up any mess. Fruit pieces cut by corer server will be in shapes regular. Rounded edges and non-sharp blades of the melon & fruit slicer keep you safe while slicing fruit.

It consists of  a Fruit Baller & Carving Knife –  Melon Baller/Scoop are designed in dual purposes at both ends.

You can use melon baller scoop to dig out fruits like watermelon, dragon fruit, cantaloupe and apple, etc in regular spherical. Carving knife on the other head will help you make a beautiful fruit carving. Beautiful and delicious fruit salad will be created with the melon corer slicer tong. Strawberry Huller- Gently pushing the button of berry stem remover and extend the claw, strawberry stem and leaves will be removed easily. Adorable and safe strawberry huller get your child involved in making fruit salad, providing funny time for you and your children.




I would like to talk about this handy Fridge Gadget which is a real help, in refrigerating fruit and veg.

Mine used to be all over the fridge and I could never find enough space for what I wanted to store.

Fruit and vegetables were always stuffed into the vegetable draw to try and keep fresh but that changed

when purchasing this best of my gadgets.

HapiLeap Plastic Kitchen Refrigerator Fridge Storage Rack Freezer Shelf Holder Kitchen Space Saver Organization (PCs)

  • Material:ABS Plastic,Color will send by Random
  • Size:6.3″*5.9″*2.7″ (16*15*7cm)
  • Draw-out design: With contractile activity card slot and convenient slide design, it is easy to draw out.
  • Add shelf space: Great idea to add shelf space in your fridge, under the desk or table. Drain and ventilate function: Ventilation holes at the bottom of the shelf, easy to drain and ventilate.
  • Antimicrobial resistance and easy to clean smoothly edges , not scraping hand


7 Piece Fruit Slicer / Fruit peeler Set by Belle Vous – Includes Pineapple Corer, Watermelon Slicer, Avocado Slicer, Banana Slicer, Orange Peeler, Strawberry Huller & Melon Baller – Fruit preparation set – Ultimate Kitchen Tools

This is a must have in any Kitchen

  • PINEAPPLE CORER: The metal pineapple corer in this set is super easy to use! Simple cut the top off your pineapple, and twist the corer like you would a corkscrew. The corer keeps the flesh in tack so you can use this to serve homemade smoothies afterwards. No waste here!
  • SLICING TOOLS: The avocado slicer removes the pit, peels and cuts. The watermelon slicer blades enable you to slice your watermelon easily into strips and the banana slicer is shaped to cut your banana into bite size pieces that is perfect for cereal or a fruit salad. Simple cutting!
  • ORANGE PEELER: Our orange peeler may be small, but it’s mighty! Piece the orange skin with the tool and move around the orange to peel the skin away. The plastic has been designed with a bent blade to protect the orange and remove the skin. You need one in your home.
  • STRAWBERRY HULLER: Press the button to extend the claw. Press into the strawberry to hull. Eat strawberries with ease and without mess. The design of this product even looks like a strawberry so you know exactly what this tool should be used for.
  • MELON BALLER: This 2-in-1 tool enables you to carve small balls from your melon, which is perfect for decorative fruit platters. The serrated knife-edge is perfect for cutting your melon into cool shapes. You could even use your melon baller for cookie dough balls!


Strawberry Huller Professional Stem Remover Tomato Corer Kitchen Gadget Tools (Red) 

There is so much to say about this little Gadget if you don`t have it in your kitchen the be sure to get it. It can be purchased in the above set or independently just click the picture and it will take you to the purchase page     

Hulls strawberries and other soft fruits and vegetables in seconds

  • Simple, safe, and effective alternative to strawberry coring or hulling with a knife
  • High quality plastic body and stainless steel blades easily through fruit and tough skins.
  • Easy and convenient to use, quickly Multifunctional fruit tools.
  • Easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe.

I’ve got a strawberry huller like this in my kitchen and it’s working overtime  It saves getting sore nails.